Press Release: UN food aid delivered to East Ghouta finishes tomorrow, Syrian organizations working on the ground say

Beirut, Lebanon- 6 Nov 2017. On the 30th of October 2017, a convoy carrying supplies for 10 percent of the total besieged population in East Ghouta was allowed in. We Exists members working inside the area estimated that these supplies would last a maximum of 8 days. It has now been seven days since the last Aid Convoy entered besieged Ghouta, and yet no confirmation of the next aid convoy has been provided.
The UN estimates that 400,000 people including 200,000 children are trapped in the area describing the situation as a “humanitarian emergency” and “an outrage”.
There is still no confirmation from the United Nations on when the next convoy will enter into the besieged towns, nor is there any solution in sight for the ongoing siege.
Despite the fact that Eastern Ghouta is considered a “de-escalation” zone, only days ago children were forced to flee a school after it was bombed. These rampant abuses have been exacerbated by the ongoing and tightened siege that has led to widespread lack of nutrition. NGOs working in besieged areas and local Syrian Civil Society have warned that the shortages of food and medical supplies are likely to lead to a rise in cases of severe malnutrition amongst young children.
We Exist, an alliance of 25 Syrian Civil Society Organisations, condemn the siege and demand immediate opening of humanitarian crossings and sustained access to food and medical supplies.

More information:
Statement released by Syrian NGOs about the situation in East Ghouta:
Syrian humanitarian organizations working inside Eastern Ghouta are available for interviews.
For further information and enquiries please contact: info[at]
We Exist Alliance

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