Syrian CSO statement regarding the adduction of Mr. Mahmood Mustafa

To whom it may concern,

We, the undersigned, representatives of Syrian civil society organizations, express our deep shock and outrage at the abduction of the respected teacher and educator Mr. Mohammad Mustafa, Director of the Free Education Directorate in Idlib Governorate, which took place yesterday after his departure from the Directorate headquarters in western Aleppo.

We strongly condemn the recurring abductions which have been taking place in areas outside the regime’s control. We call on the local civil authorities and armed factions in western rural Aleppo to take responsibility for protecting individuals and civil organizations working in areas under their control, and to ensure the security and safety of all civil staff members, in order for them to continue providing their services to Syrians and meeting their vital needs in these exceptional circumstances. Armed factions in control of the western rural Aleppo must also take the necessary measures to reveal the fate of Mr. Mustafa and ensure his safety and immediate release, in addition to investigating his abduction and bringing the perpetrators to justice.

The educational sector in the liberated Aleppo Governorate has witnessed an exceptional progress during the last period due the efforts of the educational personnel, who have played, and continue to play, an important role in developing the educational processes and gaining the trust of students, parents, as well as international educational organizations. This progress was best reflected in the promising rise in the number of students registered for the current educational year which has reached 80,000 students. In addition, the number of staff overseeing the educational process in this area reached nearly 5,000 teachers and staff members across 400 schools and more than 10 educational centers.

Date: 09.11.2017


  1. Hurras
  2. Women Now for Development
  3. Dawlaty
  4. Urnammu
  5. Shaml CSOs Coalition
  6. The Day After (TDA)
  7. Syrian Network for Human Rights
  8. Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression
  9. A Voice of the British Syrian Community
  10. Syrians for Truth and Justice – STJ
  11. Initiative for a New Syria
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