This video was produced by Haven for Artists for Half of Syria.

Syria is not safe for return and any return should be safe, voluntary, dignified, and informed.

Conditions in Syria are not conducive for a safe and dignified return, while the rapidly deteriorating situation in Lebanon makes a voluntary and informed return decision impossible. While the solution for the refugee crisis sits in the hands of governments and international organizations, the host country’s citizens have a role to play and a humanitarian responsibility to answer to. We need to be more understanding of war refugees’ situation and the lack of solutions and alternatives presented to them.

Host communities should support refugees by not discriminating against them, taking an active role in ensuring their safety and integration, and pointing fingers at the people responsible for the refugee’s displacement rather than the displaced themselves. For more information, please consult the work of the Refugee Protection Watch

Many thanks to Haven for artists for this video, produced in collaboration with Basmeh & Zeitooneh, and with the support of the RDPP (European Regional Development and Protection Programme). Designs by (Aude Nasr)💜