Who we are

We are an alliance of Syrian CSOs, working with Syrians in Syria and abroad, committed to:
1- Respect of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law
2- Democratic transition in a pluralistic, diverse Syria
3- Advocating for an independent civil society voice

We Exist! is a Syrian-led initiative by a number of Syrian civil society organizations, supported by their Internationals partners working together to ensure that the role of civil society is central to any thinking and planning on Syria. We organize and coordinate public campaigns in Europe, develop concrete messages and coordinate advocacy and lobbying that targets decision- and policy-makers.

We Exist! seeks to shape international narratives on Syria and Syrians, based on the information, experiences, technical expertise and recommendations of civil society actors women and men that work directly with Syrians.

We Exist! highlights the role of a major and under-reported aspect of Syria: an active, vibrant, young and dynamic civil society.

The alliance began with a group of Syrian-led organizations, and is open for Syrian and for non-Syrian organizations who share our values of human rights, accountability, justice and inclusiveness to join, or to cooperate on specific campaigns.


Syrian civil society is a key player in resolving the conflict, in enhancing the resilience of Syrians, and in building a peaceful and democratic Syria.


To shape the international narrative on Syria and to influence public opinion and decision-making, by advocating those positions, initiatives and policy solutions that are championed by Syrian civil society men and women.


1) Dignity
2) Solidarity
3) Equality
4) Accountability
5) Independence