We Exist: Empowering Syrian Civil Society. Bringing Together Syrian Voices for a Better Future.

Who we are

We Exist is an Alliance of Syrian Civil Society organizations, supported by international partners, working together to ensure the role of Syrian Civil Society is present and central to any thinking and planning on Syria. To achieve this we organize and coordinate public campaigns, participate in advocacy opportunities, work closely with the media, and coordinate lobbying that targets decision makers and policy makers in Europe. The We Exist alliance challenges the marginalization of Syrian voices in all spheres and ensures that Syrian Civil Society voices from inside Syria and outside are heard.

Through We Exist, we aim to correct the international perception of the Syrian conflict, and to highlight the effective role of the Syrian population and Syrian civil society in the Syrian context which is not represented in the dominant narrative presented in the media. We aim to create a better understanding of the Syrian conflict through the lens of Syrian change makers and the decisive role of the Syrian people at this present day, and the future.

#HalfofSyria campaign