Earthquakes cross borders.
Why does humanitarian aid not?
Syrian Civil society organizations call upon the world to support an emergency humanitarian response to the earthquakes in Syria 

We Exist members wish to express their deepest sorrow for those who lost their lives in this devastating tragedy, and would like to send their heartfelt wishes to the injured, the family members, the friends and colleagues who have been affected by this catastrophe. As we go through this process of grieving, we also have a duty to call upon the world to help those who are in dire need of help as the full scale of the multiple earthquakes disaster continues to unfold. 

Survivors are still being pulled from the rubble as the death toll of the catastrophic Türkiye-Syria earthquakes exceeds 11,000 at the time of writing. The latest published numbers regarding the situation in northwest Syria are disastrous: over 2,000 deaths and 5,000 injuries have been reported in at least 56 areas in northwest Syria. The numbers are expected to continue to climb as many people remain stuck in debris. More than 2,000 buildings have been completely destroyed and more than 5,100 partially destroyed. Over 11,000 families are now homeless. This humanitarian disaster is far beyond the capacities of the on-ground local teams: thousands of people are currently still under the rubble, and supply chain is severely compromised, as many highways and ports are damaged or inaccessible. Overwhelmed logistics and program management teams, who are direct victims of this tragedy, are working from their cars/shelters due to their offices and houses being damaged, if not destroyed. Yet, the international humanitarian response has so far globally excluded Syria.

We urge the International Community to send search & rescue teams, and deliver aid to all affected areas across Syria. The UN and actors of international cooperation have response mechanisms to address such disasters; those should operate in Syria and every possible route should be used to rescue and channel aid to the affected population across the country. In other words, SYRIANS SAVING SYRIANS IS NOT ENOUGH.

❗️What you can do❗️

We call upon you all to support our teams and partners on the ground. The need for donations right now is critical: the search and rescue missions are time sensitive and of high priority, with thousands of lives at stake. Your support is needed more than ever. Our network’s teams on the ground, although being directly affected, are trying to coordinate the aid. THEY NEED ALL THE SUPPORT THEY CAN GET to rescue people. Yet alleviating this humanitarian disaster requires much more: people who left their damaged houses need immediate shelter, food, water, heating, appropriate winter items and other non-food items. Engineering teams are needed to evaluate whether people can return to their damaged houses or need alternative shelter immediately. 

Finally we take this opportunity to call upon your vigilance regarding the dissemination of disinformation and advise you all to double check the sources of the information you are receiving and sharing.

Thank you 

Strength and courage to everyone